0137: Cognigy.AI Foundation Course

Cognigy.AI Foundation Course

Learn how to successfully implement your own Conversational AI projects with Cognigy.AI. Master the basic concepts, and build your first Virtual Agent. Cognigy.AI is a powerful low-code platform that enables anyone to create advanced human-like Virtual Agents, faster and easier than ever. With its graphical conversation editor, you can manage the conversational flow of all […]

0139: Rasa


Earn a Rasa Certification and learn how to build a real-world contextual assistant. This Rasa Certification Workshop includes 7 hours of recorded lesson videos. The workshop is taught by Rasa experts: Justė Petraitytė, Head of Developer Relations, Mady Mantha, Senior Product Evangelist, and Karen White, Developer Marketing Manager. Rasa supplies the standard infrastructure for conversational […]

0143: Conversational AI Workflow Course

Conversational AI Workflow Course

Learn the conversational AI workflow that is helping teams around the world create human-centric and inclusive conversational AI Assistants. This course is the starting point for both managers and functional teams wanting to learn about creating great chatbots and voice applications. This course is for both managers and functional teams. It shares the CDI maturity […]

0144: Introduction to Conversational AI Ethics

Learn the basics in AI ethics and how to apply ethical principles within the conversational AI workflow. Explore ethical dilemmas across the workflow through tangible examples, and learn how to both prevent and address harmful outcomes. Equip yourself and your team to adopt an ethical framework. Perfect if you… What you will learn What you […]

0145: Introduction to Conversation Design

Get a basic understanding of how AI Assistants work and become familiar with the workflow of designing conversations. Train your skills right away with practical exercises. The intro course is a great stepping stone to CDI courses in Conversation Design, Conversational Copywriting, and AI Training. Perfect if you… Might not be right if you… What […]

0146: Prompt Designer for Conversational AI

Prompt Designer for Conversational AI

Learn how ChatGPT can be used to maximise the performance of your chatbots and IVR systems and create delightful conversational experiences. The course can be applied with other LLMs and will be updated in-line with the rapid growth in use of AI solutions. This course doesn’t require technical skills – it’s for all people interested […]

0147: AI Trainer Certification Bundle

Learn how to turn data into understanding. In this course, you will focus on how to train language models, implement dialogues, and continuously improve the performance of AI assistants. The AI Trainer turns data into understanding. You take human-centric designs from your team members and implement them in the Assistant. During implementation, you add training […]

0148: Conversational Copywriter Certification Bundle

Learn how to turn words into resonating dialogue. You will focus on bot personality, psychology, and learn how to excel at the expert rewrite. After completing this course, you will know how to support the conversational team, and take conversation design to the next level. The Conversational Copywriter turns words into dialogue. They work closely […]

0149: Conversation Designer Certification Bundle

Conversation Designer Certification Bundle

Learn the Conversation Design Institute workflow with extra attention to human-centricity, sample dialogue, flowchart design, wizard-of-oz testing, and long-tail design. Principles in this course can be applied to every conversational interface. Conversation Designers focus on human-centricity, sample dialogue, flowchart design, user testing, and hand-overs. The Conversation Designer maps the flow of the conversation and turns […]

0150: COGNIGY – Conversation Design Course

This course will provide you the know-how to create amazing conversational experiences. You’ll learn how to design good user experiences for voice and chatbots. This course is perfect for participants who have prior bot-building knowledge and want to level up conversation design skills. It gives insights into the principles that can be applied to every […]