The Voice Course

Learn how you can use voice to create value for your brand and customers. This course is created for strategists that want to understand how their brand can leverage voice. It has a strong emphasis on the ease-of-use and emotional implications of voice user interfaces.

Conversation Design for WhatsApp

Leverage the power of WhatsApp Business to connect and communicate with people. Learn the principles unique to designing for WhatsApp’s interface, as well as the fundamentals of good conversation design. This course was developed in partnership with Haptik. Haptik is an Enterprise CX Platform driving the world’s transition to AI-powered conversations. It transforms the way […]

Introduction to Conversation Design

Get a basic understanding of how AI Assistants work and become familiar with the workflow of designing conversations. Train your skills right away with practical exercises. The intro course is a great stepping stone to CDI courses in Conversation Design, Conversational Copywriting, and AI Training.

AI Trainer Certification Bundle

Learn how to turn data into understanding. In this course, you will focus on how to train language models, implement dialogues, and continuously improve the performance of AI assistants. The AI Trainer turns data into understanding. You take human-centric designs from your team members and implement them in the Assistant. During implementation, you add training […]

Conversational Copywriter Certification Bundle

Learn how to turn words into resonating dialogue. You will focus on bot personality, psychology, and learn how to excel at the expert rewrite. After completing this course, you will know how to support the conversational team, and take conversation design to the next level. The Conversational Copywriter turns words into dialogue. They work closely […]

Conversation Designer Certification Bundle

Learn the Conversation Design Institute workflow with extra attention to human-centricity, sample dialogue, flowchart design, wizard-of-oz testing, and long-tail design. Principles in this course can be applied to every conversational interface. Conversation Designers focus on human-centricity, sample dialogue, flowchart design, user testing, and hand-overs. The Conversation Designer maps the flow of the conversation and turns […]

Natural Language Processing with Attention Models

In Course 4 of the Natural Language Processing Specialization, you will: a) Translate complete English sentences into German using an encoder-decoder attention model, b) Build a Transformer model to summarize text, c) Use T5 and BERT models to perform question-answering, and d) Build a chatbot using a Reformer model. By the end of this Specialization, […]

Natural Language Processing with Sequence Models

In Course 3 of the Natural Language Processing Specialization, you will: a) Train a neural network with GLoVe word embeddings to perform sentiment analysis of tweets, b) Generate synthetic Shakespeare text using a Gated Recurrent Unit (GRU) language model, c) Train a recurrent neural network to perform named entity recognition (NER) using LSTMs with linear […]

Natural Language Processing with Probabilistic Models

In Course 2 of the Natural Language Processing Specialization, you will: a) Create a simple auto-correct algorithm using minimum edit distance and dynamic programming, b) Apply the Viterbi Algorithm for part-of-speech (POS) tagging, which is vital for computational linguistics, c) Write a better auto-complete algorithm using an N-gram language model, and d) Write your own […]

Natural Language Processing with Classification and Vector Spaces

In Course 1 of the Natural Language Processing Specialization, you will: a) Perform sentiment analysis of tweets using logistic regression and then naïve Bayes, b) Use vector space models to discover relationships between words and use PCA to reduce the dimensionality of the vector space and visualize those relationships, and c) Write a simple English […]