Encoder-Decoder Architecture

This course gives you a synopsis of the encoder-decoder architecture, which is a powerful and prevalent machine learning architecture for sequence-to-sequence tasks such as machine translation, text summarization, and question answering. You learn about the main components of the encoder-decoder architecture and how to train and serve these models. In the corresponding lab walkthrough, you’ll […]

Introduction to Image Generation

This course introduces diffusion models, a family of machine learning models that recently showed promise in the image generation space. Diffusion models draw inspiration from physics, specifically thermodynamics. Within the last few years, diffusion models became popular in both research and industry. Diffusion models underpin many state-of-the-art image generation models and tools on Google Cloud. […]

Introduction to Conversational AI

The use of AI in consumer and enterprise environments is exploding—and conversational AI is leading the way. Conversational AI is part of the intelligent automation spectrum of technologies used to digitize and transform operations, customer support, sales, and interactions with enterprise technologies. In this course, instructor Ian Barkin puts it all into context, situating conversational […]