Cognigy.AI Foundation Course

Learn how to successfully implement your own Conversational AI projects with Cognigy.AI. Master the basic concepts, and build your first Virtual Agent.

Cognigy.AI is a powerful low-code platform that enables anyone to create advanced human-like Virtual Agents, faster and easier than ever. With its graphical conversation editor, you can manage the conversational flow of all your text and voice bots from one convenient location.

You can automate conversations on any voice or text-based channel, and deploy your Virtual Agents anywhere within seconds. Cognigy.AI’s advanced Natural Language Understanding provides outstanding accuracy with low training efforts.

Course Curriculum

Chapter 1: Introduction & Conceptual Overview
Chapter 2: Talking to users with Say Nodes
Chapter 3: Asking Questions with Question Nodes
Chapter 4: Making Decisions with If Nodes
Chapter 5: Understanding users with Intents and Slots
Chapter 6: Creating Conversations with Flows, Intents and Slots