Conversation Design for WhatsApp

Leverage the power of WhatsApp Business to connect and communicate with people. Learn the principles unique to designing for WhatsApp’s interface, as well as the fundamentals of good conversation design.

This course was developed in partnership with Haptik. Haptik is an Enterprise CX Platform driving the world’s transition to AI-powered conversations. It transforms the way businesses interact with consumers, providing a significantly upgraded customer experience. Haptik is a part of the $70 billion Jio Platforms Group, reaching over 100 million devices, and processing over 4 billion conversations. It has helped many global brands including KFC, HP, Disney Hotstar, StarHub, Whirlpool, Zurich Insurance and more, in reducing costs and increasing revenue.

In 2020, Haptik launched a platform called Interakt to meet the growing communication needs of small to medium businesses looking to connect with customers on WhatsApp. Interakt was built to democratize WhatsApp Business by making it an accessible communication infrastructure that is simple enough for e-commerce businesses to reach their customers on WhatsApp and efficiently manage product/service-related communication with them. Interakt is currently serving more than 500 businesses, and has powered more than 15 million conversations!

Course Curriculum

How to handle the planning phase of a project and select the most impactful use-cases for a dynamic platform like WhatsApp
How to effectively use the UI elements provided by the WhatsApp Business API, including interactive elements
The differences between 1-way and 2-way communication in WhatsApp, and how to design for both
How to design for all the parts of a conversation in WhatsApp: initiation, continuation, navigation, ending, agent handover, and feedback collection
The rules and design principles for creating and sending notifications through WhatsApp
Principles unique to designing for WhatsApp’s interface, as well as the fundamentals of good conversation design
CDI’s proven workflow