Deconstructing Chatbots Series from Google Cloud Tech

A huge playlist of superb video training from the team at Google Cloud Tech.

See the curriculum for the full list of videos.

Course Curriculum

Deconstructing Chatbots - An Overview
Getting Started with Dialogflow
How to Build an Appointment Scheduler with Dialogflow
Integrate Dialogflow with Actions on Google
Integrate Dialogflow with Telephony Gateway
Understanding Entities in Dialogflow
Integrating Dialogflow with Twilio Messaging Service
Fulfillment: How to Integrate Dialogflow with Google Calendar
Fulfillment: Integrating Dialogflow with BigQuery
Create FAQ Chatbot with Dialogflow
Create Frontend Django client for Dialogflow
How to integrate Dialogflow with Google cloud ML APIs
Conversation design best practices
Production ready chatbots with SpringML
Integrate Dialogflow with Google Chat
What is Dialogflow CX?
Introducing pages and transitions in Dialogflow CX
Creating a single-flow conversational agent
Creating a multi-flow agent with Dialogflow CX
What is a pre-built agent in Dialogflow CX?
IVR platform & 1 click integrations
7 best practices for Dialogflow CX