Designing Conversations with Voiceflow & CDI

Master the foundations of conversation design with experts from Voiceflow and Conversation Design Institute. Learn to create voice, chat, and multi-modal assistants inside Voiceflow’s prototyping tool. Build and scale your first experience while following the CDI workflow.

Voiceflow is a collaborative tool for conversational AI teams to design, prototype, and launch assistants. A drag-and-drop visual canvas, 1:1 prototyping, and one-click publishing alongside a robust Dialog Manager API make Voiceflow the go-to for more than 90,000 conversational AI teams around the world. Conversation designers, AI trainers, product managers, and developers all collaborate in Voiceflow to launch experiences across every channel.

Course Curriculum

Course Introduction
Intro to Conversation Design
Intro to the CDI workflow
Creating a Bot Persona
Mentalizing the conversation
Role playing the conversation
What is VoiceFlow?
Creating a VoiceFlow Account
Workspaces & Project Types
The Canvas
Basic Steps
Designing for error paths
The capture step
Topic Components/Flows & Commands
Validating the Conversation and Making it Inclusive
The Expert Rewrite
Exporting & Developer Hand-off