Natural Language Processing with Python

Natural language processing uses machine learning to analyze text or speech data

Welcome to the intriguing world of Natural Language Processing (NLP). In this course, we delve into the fascinating realm of computer science and artificial intelligence, where we empower machines to comprehend text and spoken language just like humans do. By combining computational linguistics, statistical analysis, machine learning, and deep learning models, NLP equips computers to grasp the true essence of human language, including intent and sentiment. Discover how NLP powers voice-operated GPS systems, digital assistants, chatbots, and more, revolutionizing consumer experiences. Moreover, explore its growing significance in enterprise solutions, optimizing business operations and streamlining critical processes. Unravel the secrets of NLP’s boundless potential in this immersive learning journey.

This course is hosted by IBM.

Course Curriculum

What is natural language processing?
NLP tasks
NLP tools and approaches
NLP use cases
Related solutions
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