Introduction to Rasa

Rasa is a tool to help you build task-oriented dialogue systems. When we say “task-oriented” we mean that the user wants to accomplish something. When we say “dialogue system” we’re talking about automated systems in a two-way conversation. That means that we’re talking about assistants that can talk back to the user, to help them achieve the task they’re interested in.

The core of building a Rasa assistant is providing examples that your system learns from. That way, Rasa can attempt to generalise patterns in your data. We built Rasa to be highly customizable and support everything from hobby projects to complex enterprise systems.

The goal of this series of videos is to show you everything you need to know to start building your own assistants with Rasa.

Course Curriculum

Introduction to RASA
Creating an Assistant
The Domain file
Training Data & Rules
Pipelines & Policies
Custom Actions
Basic Forms
Custom Forms
Website Integration
RASA is always improving