Prompt Designer for Conversational AI

Learn how ChatGPT can be used to maximise the performance of your chatbots and IVR systems and create delightful conversational experiences. The course can be applied with other LLMs and will be updated in-line with the rapid growth in use of AI solutions. This course doesn’t require technical skills – it’s for all people interested in creating a great user experience.

Large language models will have a big impact on how organisations are going to create and use chatbots. Some are already experimenting with LLM powered chatbots that run in real time, and others are simply exploring the options.

This course focuses on using ChatGPT to create better conversational experiences. It allows people that are currently creating chatbots, to work outside of their vendor solutions to be more productive and create better chatbots. The skillset you develop by working with ChatGPT, is then transferable to LLM powered chatbots that run on other large language models.

  • Online access to the Prompt Design for Conversational AI teams for 1 year
  • New lectures added frequently in line with technology changes
  • Examples and hands-on advice
  • Student workbook for guided note-taking
  • Practical exercises and assignments with answers Quizzes to test your knowledge
  • Clear understanding of developing conversational AI
  • Access to CDI-exclusive live classes with industry experts (for 1 year)
  • Discounted admission to all CDI events
  • Access to the CDI alumni network and invites to virtual events

Course Curriculum

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