Tech On the Go: Ethics in AI

The ethics of artificial intelligence is hotly contested in tech. And as AI has been adopted in recent years by many other industries, too, it continues to raise complicated, multilayered questions that have unpredictable, far-reaching effects. If you’re curious to discover new ways to think about the big questions of ethics in AI, check out this engaging audio-only course with data science career coach and AI educator Ayodele Odubela.

Ayodele helps you navigate the important theoretical issues posed by the rapid growth of AI technology. Enlarge your perspective and deepen your understanding of what’s at stake in this new landscape. Explore three subfields of ethics and what they can offer when thinking about AI. Learn about responsible AI, the nature of algorithmic harm, and the relationship between AI and human rights. AI and machine learning are changing our world; find out more about how you can promote ethical AI in your organization.

Course Curriculum

Ethical Theories
Responsible Ai Principles
Algorythmic Harm
Human Rights & AI