0121: Using AI as Your SEO Assistant

If you want to get your site noticed by search engines, you need to get good at SEO. And who better to have as your SEO assistant than someone who speaks computer as their first language? We’re talking ChatGPT, of course. Join Dave Birss, innovator, AI wrestler, and web developer as he shows you how to use generative AI to help you with your SEO strategies and tactics. He’ll even share a number of useful prompts that will help you find powerful keywords, generate content ideas, and help you create more SEO-friendly copy.


  • You plus AI equals better SEO
  • Choosing the right AI for the job

Chapter 1 – Using AI to improve your SEO

  • Using AI to generate Keywords for SEO
  • Using AI to generate search intent keywords
  • Using AI to create a content plan
  • Using AI to analyse sites that rank highly for keywords
  • Using AI to improve your target keywords
  • Using AI to optimise content for SEO
  • Using AI to write an outreach email for link-building
  • Using AI to help optimise social media profiles
  • Using AI to generate schema markup
  • Using AI to analyse website data
  • Using plugins with ChatGPT

Course Curriculum

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