Urgh, they have a chatbot

So many businesses shy away from deploying chatbots because they have either used one and it was a useless experience, they fear that it may become a barrier between them and their customers, or they don’t see the value.

I get it. The same happened with email, websites, CRMs and many more technologies we now deploy and use daily within our businesses.

The aim of deploying a chatbot is not to…..

1️⃣ Show off – Look my business has a Chatbot 🤮
It should not be the next piece of shiny technology that you are focused on for a few months. Think of your Conversational AI as another employee who needs support and training to best serve your customers.

2️⃣ Replace the human touch 🙏
Effective automation, especially around conversation, should be deployed where it can offer the best outcomes. Every project will be different and this needs to be scoped out before the start of the project.

3️⃣ Answer every question from every person ❓
There will always be boundaries to your chatbot’s knowledge. How you define those boundaries and handle conversations outside them is what matters. It’s all based on the outcomes you are looking for.

4️⃣ Replace human ingenuity ⚙️
Don’t believe everything the news tells you about AI. They just want your attention. AI and more importantly, in this case, Conversational AI is never going to replace human ingenuity. They can only do what we allow them to do. Humans are still amazing.

5️⃣ Fool people 😔
With good conversational design, we can ensure that conversations feel human-like, empathetic, and valuable, even if they cannot provide everything that the customer wants. What we are not trying to do is fool people into believing that this communication option is always the best. It’s just the best for some people in some situations.

The adoption of chatbots in your business is not about jumping on the latest tech trend or replacing the invaluable human element. It’s about enhancing your customer experience by intelligently integrating technology where it fits best.

As we’ve seen with transformative technologies in the past, initial scepticism often gives way to widespread acceptance and integration.

🔑The key is in the approach.
View your chatbot as a valuable team member, not a complete solution. It’s about complementing, not replacing, the human touch with a blend of efficiency and empathy.

So, let’s embrace chatbots for what they are – tools that, when used wisely, can significantly enhance our customer engagement and service efficiency.

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